Brook Hollow Winery

Have you or someone you loved ever dreamt of having your own vineyard? Brook Hollow Winery’s Adopt-a-Vine program allows you to become part of their vineyard without having to do all of the work. You can become the "adoptive parent" of a grapevine in our vineyard located in Warren County NJ.

We run a two tiered Adoptive program, the lower level is a certificate only program and the higher level is a certificate plus access to seminars program.

Here is how the Adopt-A-Vine program works - You will enjoy being an “Adopt-A-Vine” parent for one full year and receive a beautifully handwritten Adoption Certificate on parchment paper suitable for framing that include coordinates for Google Satellite search so you can locate the vineyard and your vine. Your vine will be marketed with a personalized metal tag identifying you are the adoptive parent for all to see.

We encourage adoptive parents to come as often as they like to see the progress of their growing grapevine in the vineyard and even taste some of its fruit in the fall before harvest.

In addition the higher tier (certificate and seminar program) allows adoptive parents access to the inner workings of Brook Hollow Winery. Incentives include reserved seating in vine management seminars as well as one reserved seat at our Wine and Food Pairing Event in December, plus one free bottle of wine.


Adopt a Vine Program